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Argumentative Essay Essays

Argumentative Essay Essays Argumentative Essay Essay Argumentative Essay Essay Essay Topic: Argumentative Name: Course:Lecturer: Date: Argumentative Essay When the text adheres to the conventions of the genre It Is recognizable to Its audience. Subverting or challenging these conventions and/or expectations Is what makes a text memorable ND noteworthy. Genre writing should be accepted as greatly as general fiction because genre authors are Just as able to reflect societal and cultural values by adhering to or manipulating genre conventions as general fiction authors. Crime fiction writing is a response to specific social and cultural conditions within Its writers context. The lasting popularity and relevance of Crime writing can be credited to the flexibility of the genre as It Is able to change and explore aspects of crime and individuals therefore can communicate the messages of the contexts and values of many societies and cultures to readers. Through the analysis of P. D. James The Skull Beneath the Skin (1984) and Tom Stoppard 1968 production The Real Inspector Hound, readers are able to identify how Crime fiction is able to adapt and evolve In response to different social and cultural conditions. P. D. James The Skull Beneath the Skin (TESTS) depicts a corrupt, materialistic and money-oriented world, characteristic of her sass British context. Through the introduction of her female private detective, Cornelia Gray, James reflects the significance of women and their growing role in society. Despite the fact she is still undermined by men: l may have underestimated you, Cornelia; and she has never had a real case to solve because the Agency had a reputation only for finding lost nature), she maintains her traditionally male role as a detective. Regarded by many as Crime fictions first female detective, Cornelia reflects the growing influence of feminism and the independent woman of the sass. James explores the values of class, privilege, and elitism throughout the text, in particular on or when referring to Court Island. The amount of people on the Island was only ever small, [Gorging] only allows parties once a week during the season ND he restricts the numbers to twelve at a time this highlights the elitism and privilege of the higher classes, Id love to see the Victorian theatre on Court Island. Its very small only a hundred seats And the opportunities they receive (seeing the Victorian theatre). This also adheres to the Crime convention of a closed group of suspects, each with their motives for murder. However these motives are not personal, rather, they are financial, which highlights the greediness of James sass societal context. James breaks down this social class through the partnership of Classics and Cornelia. Cornelia becomes the dominant member of the duo and instructs Classics when she, in fact, is technically of a lower social status. This showcase of the importance of status is a major social and cultural value typical of the sass in which the breakdown changes value norms significantly. James detailed imagery of the violence of death throughout the novel subverts the conventions of the genre, bringing a sense of horror to the text, this pulp was Calamaris face, clotting and oozing serum Spiked with the little fragments of smashed bones. The graphic imagery of Calamaris death can be seen as James affliction upon the violence of mankind and the corruption within her sass context of society. Her disapproval of the hostile, corrupted society as a result of the greediness of Margaret Thatchers rise to power is brought to light in TESTS. Through Ambrosias tax evasion, Aromas financial problems and Calamaris selfishness, James showcases a highly materialistic and self-centered society and points out her distaste of capitalism and Thatchers revival of Victorian values. Along with the other values and conventions above P. D. James demonstrates how Crime is able to subvert and change inventions in order to reflect specific social and cultural conditions as she creates a novel that critically reflects her sass British context. The Real Inspector Hound (TRIM), a play written by Tom Stoppard and performed in the sass, was written at a time when society was healing from war and financial difficulties and people began to realize that crimes were not as formulaic as Ghats Christie would make them seem, which is why writers like Stoppard would create parodies of her works. Stoppard mocks the Crime fiction genre by using hyperbole to exaggerate classic conventions and values of the genre and society. He did this with red herrings. The phrase Ill kill you Is stated by almost every member of the cast at some point in keeping audiences guessing when the murder happens. Again, all the characters have their motives to kill someone; however they are more personal than in TESTS, this murder is fuelled by anger, revenge, and Jealousy, which British society was riddled with in the sass. Stoppard points out all of the stupid aspects of Christie works and mocks the Crime fiction genre and society through TRIM with his sass context. Trigs play-within-play form was reflective of the growth of the Absurdist Theatre movement at the time which raised the questions What is reality? and What is performance? This is established in TRIM in the insertion of Moon and Birdbath into the play, therefore breaking down theatres fourth wall, and becoming the characters that they were previously critiquing (and ultimately getting killed). This parodies how perfectly Christie crimes worked (as well as crimes in society), showing that no matter how much you (communities) changed, crime would carry on as if nothing was changing. Stoppard makes comment on how in Christie novels, everything was perfectly set up. The characters all knew each other Im a friend of Lady Mullion Tall friend, Felicity Cunningham And the settings are pleasant charming but somewhat isolated Mullion Manor. Stoppard created TRIM to mock and parody the conventional values of Crime fiction texts and of his sass society through hyperbole and ironic humor to make everything about Crime fiction seem ridiculous and imperfect. By analyzing specific genre texts, it is clear that when a crime fiction is written, it takes on the specific social and cultural conditions of its authors context. Both texts use genre to Juxtapose, exemplify and explore how cultural and societal values have plopped and changed over time through the effective use of form, language and Crime conventions. Whether it is class, privilege and elitism or pure nonsense, the relevance depends on how it is that the writer represents common societal beliefs without these we would not have the crime texts that we know today. That is why, Just like general fiction, genre texts should be hailed as literary masterpieces. It is time for genre writing to come in from the cold; to fly off their airport bookshelves and claim their rightful place in the English cannon, and we should be waiting with a blanket and a warm cup of tea.

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8 signs your coworker is toxic

8 signs your coworker is toxic There’s nothing quite as uniquely stressful as a toxic coworker- and if you’ve been a victim of one you know precisely how difficult a situation he or she can be. They can be toxic for a wide variety of reasons, from a negative energy that they give off to a detrimental effect they have on your team, department, or entire workplace. The effects can be wide ranging- from making your work environment uncomfortable to seriously impacting productivity and workplace satisfaction. While in other parts of your life you can usually avoid a person who’s toxic, it’s not quite as easy to do so at work. And given that we typically spend a minimum of 40 hours at our jobs per week- a significant part of our waking lives- it can be a real problem, and often one without an easy solution.Are you wondering if a coworker of yours is toxic? There are signs that you can look for to know for sure, and once you know you can set up a plan for dealing with the situation. Inc. rece ntly published an article that covers 8 signs you should look for to determine if your coworker is toxic. Use this information to help you navigate this tricky situation!1. They’re â€Å"secret† know-it-alls.Do you have a coworker who’s perfectly pleasant and agreeable- even a team player- when the boss is paying attention but quickly reverts to an annoying know-it-all who can’t seem to allow room for any other opinion but they’re own? This sort of toxic coworker can be impossible to work collaboratively with and can make it really hard to function comfortably at work.2. They act as if they’ve already paid their dues.Most of us have experience with this sort of toxic coworker- they think that the sheer fact that they’ve been at the workplace longer gives them some level of superiority or special pass to behave in any way they wish (and often it’s in a terrible way). Often, they get by doing as little as possible and expect newe r employees who are currently â€Å"paying their dues† to shoulder a greater amount of the work. It’s never fun to be around this sort of coworker, and it’s certainly not a recipe for workplace efficiency.3. They like to say, â€Å"Yeah, but that’s not my job.†This type of coworker can be a real nightmare to be around. They have a very narrow and rigid view of what their jobs entail and leave little or no room for flexibility or taking one for the team. They treat everything that they don’t want to do like a â€Å"hot potato† that they quickly pass along to others. Being around this sort of person never feels good- they never truly gel with the rest of the team.4. They think experience is a tangible commodity.Some people wrap themselves in the vague notion of their perceived â€Å"experience,† without it pointing to any clearly defined skill set or measurable contribution to the team. These people often fail or refuse to learn new skills, grow, and adapt. The truth is, experience is great- but in a fast-paced, constantly evolving workplace, experience is not the sole commodity that some toxic coworkers make it out to be, and it can create clear weak links in the employee chain.5. They love gossip.Who hasn’t had a coworker who seems to spend more time gossiping than getting actual work done? They can talk endlessly about a wide range of useless subjects to any coworker who’ll listen- as long as they don’t involve actual work-related topics. Not only is their work output minimal as a result, they’re often a drain on others around them as well- a real lose-lose situation.6. They use  peer pressure to hold other people  back.To these sorts of toxic coworkers, the workplace is like a reality TV show in which they create alliances and enemies and manipulate others around them to achieve their selfish goals. Often peer pressure is their tool of choice, and they use their perceived influence with their coworkers to manipulate and hold other people back while propping themselves up.7. They’re quick  to grab the glory.Rather than view successes as the result of teamwork and collaborative effort, these coworkers like to hog the spotlight and pretend that every success is the sole result of their own influence and contributions. These toxic people somehow manage to tarnish every workplace win with their selfish behavior.8. They’re even quicker to throw others under the bus.Consider this the flip side to the previous point- as quick as these people are to grab the glory after a big win, they’ll just as quickly point the finger at others and assign blame when things go sour. These toxic coworkers keep everyone on edge and on their toes at work- and not in a good way.If you recognize any of the signs mentioned above, you might just have a toxic coworker. If so, recognizing it is the first step. Consider your options for following up- sometimes a simple talk with the coworker can make a world of difference. Be patient, be kind, and stand up for yourself in a professional manner. Aim to be the coworker you wish you had.

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National Security Safeguards and Countermeasures Techniques Final Essay

National Security Safeguards and Countermeasures Techniques Final - Essay Example That promotes higher levels of responsibility since the executive is aware of the close supervision. Every item that makes it to the budget undergoes great consideration to determine the effect it would have on the budget and the reaction of the legislature on such expenditure. A shortfall of the concept is that it allows little or no breathing time. The executive and legislature are continually involved in the budgeting process. That may limit the time available to analyze government activities. The basis for the development of safeguards and countermeasures is the concern over the increasing threat of terrorist attacks. There has been great development in nuclear weaponry necessitating greater efforts to boost countermeasures and safeguards. The aim is to ensure national security and safety. Countermeasures help detect and identify any material with the potential to be converted into weapons that can be used in terrorism. 3. In National Security Safeguards and Countermeasures Techniques, reciprocity is necessary as it allows for the sharing of classified information, facilities and services by the different security agencies. That helps manage costs of

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I Think, Therefore I am Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

I Think, Therefore I am - Essay Example This means that he is allowing credibility to only his consciousness and cognitive powers, and not to that of any other objective audience. Indeed his method leaves no room for the derivation of a third-person truth, which would require the acknowledgement of premises beyond the perceiving being's conscious self. Descartes arrives into this insight into the nature of existence after undergoing the three 'waves' of doubt. The first of these brings up the fact that knowledge based on sensory inputs has not always been shown up as reliable. The second is a doubt that all that we experience and feel, indeed, our very existence itself maybe only a dream, because a lot of our thoughts that take place while dreaming, are not in fact real, but they are very similar to our waking thoughts. The third, and the most diabolical one of them all, is that we may be the subject of deception by an evil demonic force that presents to us as irrefutable knowledge, that which is not true at all. The conclusion of "I think, Therefore I am", has been criticized on various grounds.

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It’s Time to Put an End to Corporal Punishment in Schools Essay

It’s Time to Put an End to Corporal Punishment in Schools Seven countries-Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Italy and Cyprus- have laws making it illegal for parents to use physical punishment on their children. Corporal punishment in schools has been banned in all the countries in Europe, South and Central America, China and Japan. The United States has outlawed corporal punishment from our prisons as cruel and inhumane treatment, as well as wife-beating, once thought to be the right of a husband. Why don’t we afford the same protection to our children? Our culture sanctions the use of corporal or physical punishment as a way for parents to discipline their children. Just a few weeks ago Marvin Munyon, president of the Family Resource Forum based in Madison, Wisconsin, was at the Eau Claire Gospel Center to talk about and demonstrate the proper way to spank children. Mr. Munyon would have us believe that discipline other than spanking is ineffective (Emerson 1B, 3B). From my experience as a child and a parent I have found the opposite to be true. If we take a look at what discipline is and the reasons parents use physical punishment, we can then start to understand that there are more effective ways to discipline children. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines corporal punishment, as â€Å"bodily punishment.† The word punish is defined by the same source as â€Å"to cause to undergo pain, loss, etc., as for a crime.† There is no mention anywhere in this definition about teaching or training which is one of the definitions of discipline: â€Å"training that develops self-control, efficiency, etc.† What does physical punishment teach children? For one thing it teaches them that it’s ok... ...Associated Press. â€Å"To Spank or not to Spank? Debate continues after Georgia incident. A Matter of Discipline.† Baltimore Sun, The (Baltimore, MD), July 10, 1994: 1J. Available: NewsBank NewsFile Collection (1991-current) (Online). Emerson, Julian. â€Å"Spanking As Discipline Promoted.† Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, September 23, 2000: 1B, 3B. EPOCH-USA. â€Å"Spanking: Facts & Fiction.† Homepage. 15 Oct. 2000 http:/ NCACPS: â€Å"Facts About Corporal Punishment.† Homepage: 15 Oct. 2000 http:/ Schulte, Brigid. â€Å"AMA research suggests spanking kids hinders discipline more than it helps.† Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service, August 14, 1997. Available: NewsBank NewsFile Collection (1991-current) (Online).

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald Essay

Many characters in the Great Gatsby parallel to Fitzgerald life. For example, Daisy, the women Jay Gatsby has been basing his whole life on, is similar to Zelda Sayre, who would not marry Fitzgerald at first because of his lack of success. Gatsby and Fitzgerald both met vital women to their lives at dances, and both while they were stationed at camps in the army. Gatsby met Daisy at Camp Taylor in Illinois, where they danced and fell in love. However, after Gatsby went off to war, they never got back together again. Fitzgerald met his wife, Zelda, at Camp Sheridan in Alabama. Instead of going off to war (his regiment was ready to go to Europe, but the Armistice came before they could leave the States), he went to New York to get enough money to marry Zelda. In the movie version, Daisy tells Gatsby that â€Å"Rich girls don’t marry poor boys. † This line was taken straight out of Fitzgerald’s life. The father of his first love, a young woman by the name of Ginevra King, supposedly told him that after Fitzgerald asked for Ginevra’s hand in marriage. The Great Gatsby is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most renowned book, and still one of the most read novels in American literature. A book with this much success was obviously was a product of great influence. The Great Gatsby draws many extensive parallels between F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life and this novel. These similarities range from basing characters off important people from his personal life to interweaving intricate love relationships he went through into the novel to recreating the American Dream. The book comes as a direct result of many of the events in Fitzgerald’s early life. First off, are the most noticeable parallels, the character he chooses. Fitzgerald parallels himself in two of the main characters in The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby, and Nick Carraway. Nick represents Fitzgerald’s passive, or indecisive, and observant characteristics. On the other hand, Gatsby shows Fitzgerald’s passionate and active attributes.

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The Odyssey, By Homer - 1511 Words

In the epic, The Odyssey, by Homer, Odysseus proves to be a very respected and admirable leader. Before he leaves for the Trojan War, Odysseus is king of Ithaca, an island home to his dear wife and son. He is respected by his people and known for being a very powerful and intelligent man. In Troy, Odysseus leads his men to victory with his cunning and power, destroying their city. It has now been ten years since he saw his family, and returning home safely alongside his crew is his highest priority. However, he and his men are faced with trials like they have never seen, and Odysseus must take charge and command them using the skills he is most known for: his bravery, his genius, and his unwavering resolve. No leader can be successful without the ability to summon courage when it is necessary. Odysseus emanates bravery throughout the epic, giving him a fearless crew who will stand by him in the toughest ordeals. His heroism and vitality spread to the rest of his men, giving them the morale they desperately need on their journey. One occurrence of this is when Odysseus and his men land on the island of the bloodthirsty Cyclops. Unaware of the beasts that live on the island, Odysseus and his famished crew delve deeper into the island in search of food. They are discovered in the cave of one of the Cyclops, Polyphemus. When the brute questions the strangers in his cave, Odysseus is the first to speak up: The hearts inside us shook, terrified by his rumbling voice and monstrousShow MoreRelatedThe Odyssey by Homer1210 Words   |  5 Pages Homer’s â€Å"The Odyssey† takes place ten years after the events in â€Å"The Iliad†, to which the Odyssey is an indirect sequel, and the fall of Troy; even though the story is believed to have been composed some time during the eight century B.C.E. it is estimated to be set sometime between 1300 and 1000 B.C.E. in Mycenaean Greece during the Bronze age. In this novel all Greek heroes have returned home after the fall of Troy, except for Odysseus who after a three year journey has been held captive by theRead MoreThe Odyssey, By Homer1388 Words   |  6 PagesIs a hero only characterized by their success? If a leader’s last actions carry them to victory, are their flaws unimportant? The Odyssey by Homer narrates the ancient myth of a leader coming home from war in Troy who faces many trials, and despite returning home a lone without any of his crew, he is looked upon as a hero for having survived. His ultimately sole success continues to define him, although the bitter truth being that he was the leader of his men when they all perished. As flaws of theRead MoreThe Odyssey By The Homer1976 Words   |  8 PagesThe Odyssey is known as one of the greatest western literature in the world. The book covers many details of the relationship between Gods and humans. The author focuses on Odyssey honor, honesty, bravery, creativity, and nobility. Though the Odyssey has received many criticisms compare to the author other best work such as The Iliad, it has also been praised for its sophistication, complexity and thematic consistency. The book talks about Odysseus journey home to find his son and wife. It also talksRead MoreThe Odyssey by Homer1316 Words   |  6 Pagesthe time’s culture appropriately. This has been a necessary course of action, to ensure their writing conveys the quest and its resp ective elements in a manner that will be understood by the responder in the relevant time period. The texts ‘The Odyssey (Homer 8th Century BC), In the Shadow of No Towers (Art Spiegelman 2004) and The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde 1890) have appropriated the archetypal quest in their respective time periods to reflect the values of their context. â€Å"The hero venturesRead MoreThe Odyssey, By Homer990 Words   |  4 Pages The Odyssey, written by Homer, is an epic poem that follows the victorious footsteps of Odysseus, a Greek hero, as he begins his journey to return home to Ithaca. The poem takes place between 750 and 650 B.C. in Greece, shortly after the Trojan War between the city of Troy and King of Sparta. Athena, daughter of Zeus and the goddess of wisdom, is a character that appears in disguise throughout the whole story. She controls when to disguise herself and when to make herself known; essentially havingRead MoreThe Odyssey by Homer1172 Words   |  5 Pages Homer’s, The Odyssey spins an exciting tale of war, fantasy, and magic spanning twenty years. However, the thrust of the story focuses on human relationships and Odysseus’s strong desire to reunite with his wife and soul mate, Penelope and their son Telemachus. However, to truly understand his desire return home, one must examine many facets of the epic. What is the significance of the turmoil experienced in the househol d during his absence? Is Penelope a cunning equal and meet spouse for OdysseusRead MoreThe Odyssey By Homer1337 Words   |  6 PagesTaylor Michael CLAS342 Paper #2 November 28, 2014 The Odyssey is a work by Homer, written to take place ten years after the fall of Troy. In the Iliad Odysseus was not a crucial character, but this particular text follows him around and details his experience after the war. To give some background, He has yet to return to Ithaca in the beginning of the text, away from his wife now for the duration of the battles as well as these ten years following. While he was gone, his palace was overthrown byRead MoreThe Odyssey, By Homer Essay1679 Words   |  7 PagesThe Odyssey, a text written by Homer, originates from Ionia (a part of Asia Minor). This epic poem relates the journeys of both Odysseus and Telemachus. During their journeys, they encounter a wide variety of hosts. Telemachus provides Mentes a great meal and is later also given a feast from King Nestor. In addition, King Nestor also gifted Telemachus two horses and a chariot; Athena gave Telemachus the gift of wise advice, for which he used to go on his journey. And as their pat hs crossed in a meetingRead MoreThe Odyssey by Homer1275 Words   |  5 Pages The Odyssey is one of the two epic Greek poems attributed to Homer. The Odyssey is the sequel of The Iliad and mainly focuses on Odysseus’s return from the battle of Troy to his home, Ithaca. Odysseus’s travels take him beyond the realm of the known world and he encounters many mythological beings, which he has never met before. Every encounter with these creatures in The Odyssey is full of adventures, twists and most important of all, life lessons. If we assume Odysseus’s longRead MoreThe Odyssey By Homer829 Words   |  4 PagesThe Odyssey by Homer tells the story of a Greek warrior named Odysseus, who faces challenges placed upon him by the supernatural, or more specifically, the Greek gods and monsters. His journey begins while sailing home from Troy, where Odysseus had won the Trojan war for the Greeks. Odysseus’ ship is forced to dock on many islands, m ost of which have hostile environments. Odysseus serves as the model for an epic hero, a fictional character who possesses many traits admirable to his or her society